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* Dancing with the Shadow in Work & Life
+Getting to Know Other People
+Embracing the Personal in Process
+The Power of Story to Personalize
+Opening the Heart in Work & Life
+Adaptability Is a Good Idea
+Adapting to Completion
+Being Naturally Authentic
+Learning & Leading as Lifelong Pursuits
+Integrating Being & Doing
+Committing to the Great Work Only You Can Do

Doing Great Work is a series of reflections on behaviors & attitudes that matter in any occupation. No matter where or how you are employed, these articles are dedicated to you as you strive to bring your best efforts to all aspects of your work & life.

Together, lets dig beneath the surface of job descriptions and titles to the essence of what makes work great—and what makes you great at home & away.

What does doing great work mean to you? I welcome your Comments—especially any stories you might like to share.

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