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Tasting the rich aroma of a well-brewed cup of coffee sparked a meditation on the senses one morning. Any “child of the earth”—as Wordsworth called himself—relishes having their senses tickled once in a while.

The Allure of Coffee

Coffee tastes better in Montana.
Even on a day forecast to be hot,
The first floor of my house is cool,
Making the warmth of my ceramic cup
The perfect temperature.

It’s funny—the thought comes gently—
How small details of the physical plane
Prick your attention,
Bringing pleasure in the simple fact
Of your awareness of them.

The journey from my head to my body
Seems such a long one sometimes.

And then, suddenly—
A perfectly balanced cup of coffee
Acts like a well-tossed lure,
And the wily trout of my mind
Takes the bait,
Gets hauled up on land,
And, amazingly, stops flopping around,
Enjoying not getting away.

Of course, the game is catch & release.
Once the coffee’s been drunk
The words that are my work
Start calling out for my attention.

But now I return to that sphere incorporated—
Which means to be embodied—
With a smile of satisfaction
And the rich taste of Italian Roast
Playing about my lips.


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