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RossBrunsonPhoto1I have heard it said—and do honestly believe it myself—that the body never lies. Our clever minds may talk us into or out of all sorts of illusions, but the blessed body—anchored as it is in the Earth—somehow retains its connection with its place in the outer world as well as the inner truth of how it is being affected by that world.

Sadly, most of us have been trained to power through the body’s requests to slow down, take a rest, eat better, exercise more. All those things we know are good for us but that just don’t seem to come to the top of our priority list.

So this little poem is an acknowledgement of the body’s wisdom—the “gut” sense—that could do so much to enhance our daily lives if we would listen and take action. Personally, I think the body is a kissing cousin to the Wise Inner Counselor, because—as my own Wise Inner Counselor has said: “The more grounded you become, the higher up you can climb.”

Here by the Yellowstone River, the ground rises up to bless bodies who take their time to relish Nature’s presence and relax into their own physicality.

A Delicious Invitation

Relaxing into one’s physicality
can seem a perilous act.

Who knows what lies there—
all wrapped up in sensations,
memories, pasts, even futures
imagined and improbable.

Yet some part of me does know
and relishes the idea
of becoming so present
in my body
that pain, grief, apprehension,
fear, shame, and loss
can dissolve into a single point
of awareness that embraces all
of these emotions and helps them
recognize each other
as neither right nor wrong
but simply part of being human.

In these moments I can walk through
my Wise Inner Counselor’s naturally open door
of acceptance, receptivity,
and generous hospitality
that welcomes all of me
to a banquet of compassion
laid abundantly by grace.


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