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In January of 2015 I spent a long weekend on the Monterrey Bay at the sublime resort of Asilomar. It is a magical place, thought by some to be the shore of ancient Lemuria. Truly, this place is blessed with fairy light and the power of the ocean’s deep conversation.

The Forest and the Sea

I dreamt I was in a forest green
a misty-mossy fairyland
of ferns and clover
carpeting the place
where oaks and pines
gather in conversation
to discuss the state
of woodland things

and mind the deer
who graze in peace
beneath their
gnarly branches.

An ancient wood
had been here once,
these newer trees
sprung up since then

bequeathed their
heritage of leaf and limb
by species sent
to peacefully hold the land
lest it should slip
into the sea

whose job it is
to challenge the land
in perpetual motion
back and forth
upon the shore.

As if to contradict
the forest’s calm
a breeze comes up
and every tree
begins to dance
waving sylvan arms high

every blade of grass
rippling upon the ground

while in the distance
the tide recedes,
the waves go flat
against a grey horizon

and for an instant
the sea appears to rest
from her conversation
with the eternally
shifting margin
between the Here
and Over There.


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