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A dear friend of mine plays Tibetan singing bowls and gongs in truly transcendent sessions. She has studied with masters of these ancient instruments and plays with beautifully attunement—inspired by compassion’s presence in her sacred space. This is my tribute to her.

Lady of the Singing Bowls

You could easily miss
her humble cottage
bustling on your way
to class or errand,
hidden as she is
behind a screen
of aspen trees
that mask the magic
happening within.

Some days she glows
like golden sunshine,
others cool as water
or deep as twilight’s navy sky.

And when Spirit calls
she plays the sacred tones
of brass and crystal,
aligning earth and air
fire and water
in harmony with
Nature’s purest patterns.

Her gong rings silently
in the night
to waken souls
from ignorance.

Would you be healed?
Then stop before her door
and knock.
The lady is at Home.


Copyright © 2017 Cheryl Eckl and CherylEckl.com. All rights reserved.

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