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During the summer of 2014, several friends and I rented a condo near the Grand Teton National Park so we could spend several days together, enjoying shared meals, music, laughter, and fond memories of times past.

One afternoon I sat alone on the patio out back, meditating on the mountain that sheltered the valley at Teton Village. This was truly a “Wordsworthian” moment, as the serene quiet of the place allowed me to feel my way into the life of one mountain’s immensity.

Mountain Gazing

This mountain has nothing to prove,
No one to impress.
Unambitious, non-competing,
It cares naught for the height
Or breadth of other peaks.

Gentle in its groundedness,
Powerful in its perfect loft,
It neither strives nor struggles,
But lives according to its cycles
Of wind and rain, of heat or frost,
Supporting untold species
That thrive upon its rugged slopes
And shelter in its secret crevices.

Ever changing, ever stalwart—
Mountains are the best of teachers,
Even when students blithely try
To skip their lessons.


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