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Driving through the Sally Gap in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland late one summer’s day, I felt sure a rainbow would appear. The way the afternoon sun peaked through soft clouds following a typically gentle Irish rain seemed perfect for a sighting. My companions and I had enjoyed a misty day, full of inspiration and a sense of spiritual connection. When a rainbow at last shimmered into view, we knew we had been graced with a delicacy that can never be forced—only received. We may intuit its coming, but only that. These experiences are not of our doing.



I cannot be taken
but I can be received.

I am freely yours
when you are most in need—
though you can neither long
nor pray for me—
as that which is most
vehemently sought
moves ever further away.

Mine is the pathless path
known by the ancients
who left maps written
in star dust—
visible only to pilgrims used
to finding their way in the dark.

These are the wanderers
who expect nothing
yet receive all—
who risk all in faith to
arrive at the threshold
of my banquet hall
cloaked only in gratitude
and smiles.

Listen while Cheryl reads this poem from Poetics of Soul & Fire

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