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“The Catalyst” is the story of someone who precipitates change. Perhaps you’re one of those people. It’s an exciting role to play on the stage of life. But rarely an easy one, and often an unpopular one. And yet, the rewards are great when those you long to help accept the challenge and the opportunity that change always presents. Those are days when being a catalyst is, indeed, a blessing.

The Catalyst

She was a born change-maker.

Though she meant no harm,
situations and people made major shifts
when she came on the scene;
and by the time she had moved on,
no circumstance remained untouched,
not even the condition
of her own heart.

For life sent her into strange events
that puzzled her for many years,
until she came to see the pattern
of enthusiastic beginnings,
her being filled with pluck and hope
for what could be accomplished,
only to be met with anger,
stone walls, and rejection
from those she’d come to help.

In early days an innocence
had encouraged her to sally forth;
but now when a deeper nature beckoned
that she should seize a perilous cup,
her mind recalled in vivid scenes
the enigma of her lonely path,
in reluctant recollection
of the burden she would bear.

For even though she welcomed change
as life’s essential principle,
most folks did not—and blamed her
for the consequence of their own deeds
that her presence
had simply brought to light.

She felt self-doubt impeding her path,
and so questioned her ancient mentors.

But these masterful ones,
from their wiser view,
had never found her behavior strange;
they cherished her disruptions.

And counted as grace her propensity
to ignite the fresh enlivening flame
that rouses those who nap so deep
they do not care to dream.

For wise ones know from ages past
that till sleepers finally reconnect
with their own great master plan,
there can be no magic in their days
nor lasting sparkle in their nights.

Someone must summon the winds of change
to rearrange complacency
and turn inertia to soulful action
filled with conscious longing.

And the sages always meant, of course,
for that someone to be her.

So now, when Fortune calls her name,
the Catalyst may sigh aloud
in profoundest human reluctance;
but she, nevertheless, accepts the task
to wrestle with the enmity
of those who in their secret hearts
yearn to shake off
the hypnotic trance
imposed on them
by a drowsy world
that fears the soul
on fire for life.

She lives to learn and love and teach,
to see the once-dull animate,
to feel the sudden surge of the few
who catch the wave
of her inspiration.

And then she knows her passion’s reward,
as they claim the birthright that is theirs,
turn back to bid her a grateful farewell,
and disappear—bright-eyed for good
over the horizon of their destiny.

Listen to Cheryl read “The Catalyst” (from Poetics of Soul & Fire. Flying Crane Press, 2015)


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