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I’ve always loved this little poem that found its perfect place at the conclusion of my first collection of ecstatic poetry called Poetics of Soul & Fire. We each have a purpose—our personal Soul Poetics. Poetics is what we create and how we create it. And we’re always doing that—creating and re-creating our lives—and following where those creations take us in life. How much fun that our soul is excited about the journey—even if we in our outer minds knowing only that we are being called. And the purpose does glimmer.

A Glimmering Sense of Purpose

To embark upon the inner journey
is to open a door
frequented by dreamers.

Spirit is eager for your company
and rushes in
to carry you aloft
on this new adventure
whose fulfillment
waits upon your will.

The soul knows
what she’s doing
and gladly packs her bags.

Your ancient calling beckons—
the voyage has begun.

Listen to Cheryl read the poem from Poetics of Soul & Fire


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