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As the familiar adage says: “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”

If you don’t set your own sail, the world is filled with people who will gladly set it for you. “For your own good” is usually somebody else’s idea, not yours.

But goals are tricky things because life has a way of moving the goal posts mid-game.

Goals Change as Life Changes
For example: Several years ago I had set the intention of becoming a master instructor/facilitator at the big East Coast training company I worked for. I was making great progress, but then my husband was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer—instantly changing my focus to doing what was best for him.

After he died, my goal was to survive his loss and discover the answer to the question: Where do I go from here?

Somewhere in the midst of this major life transition, my focus again changed to writing a book—which eventually became three books of prose. Then three books of poetry. Then a novel. And now more writing projects. (Stay tuned!)

Completing each one of these books has been a goal—a “what” that evolved as circumstances changed. What did not change was my ongoing focus on the essence of my mission: To learn, to love and to teach so that others may have a better life.

At a certain point I simply had to concentrate on that single direction toward which each of the separate goals had pointed and just let the particulars emerge in their own time.

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