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It is no mistake that our companies are called organizations. If a thousand or even forty employees had to decide each day when or where or if to work, performing disconnected tasks willy-nilly, employees and managers alike would feel like mama mallards trying to get the ducklings to line up.

Little would actually get accomplished. And if it did, probably no one would notice.

We organize to implement our ideas, to give shape to our endeavors, to align our industry with goals and to harmonize our interactions to accomplish more as a group than we could as separate individuals.

The Danger of Form for Its Own Sake
Too much focus on form can sidetrack us from our original purpose. Once we identify the components of an idea or project or company, it is tempting to spend more time maintaining the form than creating the content it was designed to support.

A friend of mind who coaches entrepreneurs says they understand this principle. They need just enough structure to implement their ideas. And they often sell a company as soon as it becomes successful because it is the nature of growing organizations to become complex and cumbersome.

The necessary addition of more staff and facilities can lead to the implementation of bureaucratic policies and procedures that stifle innovation. Especially if leaders fail to understand that organization originates to support process, not the other way around.

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