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On a recent tour of Ireland with the incredible folks at Celtic Consciousness, I had occasion to read one of my favorite poems from Poetics of Soul & Fire to the lovely group of friends shown here. Traveling with people who hold strong intentions for kindness, courage, compassion, mystery and adventure is, to my mind, the best way to experience a new place your soul already knows as home.

Click here for a reading of the poem. Transcript is below. Come, walk with us a while.
Blessings, Cheryl

Prayer for a Soul Friend

Anam Cara—that’s how the Celts called
the friend who will see you naked,
unblemished by the world
or your own misconceptions.

We humans suffer from mistaken identity—
assuming ourselves to be other than
the brilliant soul created by Love
and acting as unworthily as we
believe ourselves to be.

Soul friends know otherwise—
and slip into our lives
to push, prod, humor, and cajole us
to look into their eyes and see
the image of our loveliness
mirrored back in purity’s reflection.

This is gnosis—unschooled knowing—
recognition deep and sudden
that, at its core, bears no conditions,
urging only courage, kindness, and
attunement with each soul’s pledge
to higher purpose.

All we really have in this life is time;
and no one has tapped clear prophecy
to give us the measure of that interval.

Such is the way of anam cara that
cycles may be fleeting and
lessons more than we can bear—
or so we think.

But soul friends know that time
is naught when put to use
in loving our togetherness and
cherishing the ties that bind us
heart to heart—no matter what.

Our beloveds may lift off this plane,
leaving us to mourn their flight;
but gentle ears detect a whisper,
reassuring those who grieve
that lovers once may be lovers again.

For Love awakened cannot help but find its self
renewed and recreated
in life’s sweet gift of a new companion
who comes to share the path we choose
to journey home together.

Who would not pray for such a partner—
if even for a little while?

(c) 2015 Flying Crane Press, all rights reserved.

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