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Samhain (SOW-in) was much more than a celebration involving both faery folk and humans. It was also a time when those who knew of such things began a pilgrimage into their deepest soul connection with the spirit world. Over the next seven weeks they sought purification and enlightenment so that the darkest night of the year would find them filled with light.

How will you celebrate Samhain this year? Perhaps by listening to the poem.


The new year starts with mist and wind
as faery folk (the Aos Sí)
come dancing out of hillside mounds
into twilight gardens
to gaze through brightened windows
at the humans holding court within,
who forgot the veil is thin tonight
and not again till springtime
will they see with such perception
into Spirit lands of Love and Light.

The clocks roll back in modern times
as if to beg for one more hour
before the dark days settle in
and mystery o’ertakes the thoughts
of old and young who now prefer
to wander in a neon world
that honors neither soul nor sprite
but looks for answers in metallic realms
that harden hearts to woodland views
and mask the Otherworld’s bright joy.

To light a bonfire in the heart
is the task of this festive ritual,
for safety’s sake to foster
deep soul communion
that opens insight into double worlds
and guides the seeker over dusky roads
that must be trod through the Unknown
if one is to reach a threshold
of long-sought soul awakening.

For ancients understood Samhain
as more than revelry and fun
to keep the faery folk at bay
lest tricksters spoil the year’s best fruits.

The wise ones saw it as the start
of a pilgrim’s trek of seven weeks
twixt harvest time and Solstice eve,
a secret journey revealed to few,
each week an opportunity, a choice, a key
to stoke more fire of inner Light
from base to crown in sacred circles
to realize one’s radiant Self
at Midwinter’s celebration.

from Bridge to the Otherworld (c) Flying Crane Press

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