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Especially at the holidays, if I am asked to offer a blessing before a special meal, I feel called to share these words from the person of the Divine Mother I called Gaia in my poetry.

As we give gratitude for the bounty of our tables, may we also say a prayer for those who have suffered great loss of home, family, cherished animals. In these episodes of heartbreak, I do believe the veil between our worlds thins. May we all live long enough to see the Here and Over There come together in days of peace & joy.

Love & blessings from my heart to yours, Cheryl (Listen to the audio recording)

Gaia’s Blessing

May our Home always be
the sanctuary to which you return
after every earthly sojourn.

May you carry a Garden frame of mind
and heart to any world that calls to you.

May you cherish all living things
as elements of your True Self.

May you always know the peace
of ineffable Love and Joy
that are the Garden’s pure delights
and gifts of perfect healing for all time.

May you feel the gratitude
of spirit beings and earthly ones
who recognize there is a bridge
between the Here and Over There.

And may you live to see the day
when the veil between our worlds

from Idylls from the Garden of Spiritual Delights & Healing
(c) Flying Crane Press, all rights reserved.

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