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“Morning Star” is one of my favorite images, an excerpt from Alphonse Mucha’s “Moon & Stars” series. She always speaks to me of Hope and a poem that appeared one night to share the sky with brilliant stars.


Hope flew in on starlight,
a gift of renewal,
energy and joyful anticipation
of adventures yet to come;
the stuff of dreams,
promises of love and faith
that the best of our intentions
will bear fruit.

Somehow with hopeful hearts
it matters less that futures are invisible,
as travelers we go map-less
into the dark,
trusting we will find a lamp,
the moon will rise,
and daylight will remain inevitable.

Hope is a grace that tells us
we are mission-born,
endowed with native worthiness,
possessed of gifts unique and fine,
beloved by Spirit for our self,
each one a gem in Beauty’s crown.

There is a unity in hope
that fosters heart connection,
encouraging us to reach out
to those we know and others
we have not met till now,
to connect with land
and sea and sky
and all the creatures
that call them home.

In Hope we feel ourselves
at one with life,
believing it will always be thus,
until an ill wind blows coldly through
closing our hearts to what might be,
engendering fear,
causing us to lose the precious gift of Hope.

For like a child or pet or plant,
Hope must be nourished,
watered and fed.

A myth exists that one needs Hope
to open the heart to life;
but, truly, it is the open heart
that magnetizes Hope’s radiance
with gratitude and loving-kindness.

Hope stays for joy,
grows strong in love,
builds scaffolds of positive regard,
and longs to be at home
with hearts and hands
who will not lose her from neglect.

Hope illuminates the evening sky
with starlight born of pilgrims’ prayers
and wishes for a better world
sent up to heaven by humble hearts,
so that Hope may then return to Earth
to lift the weight from those who toil,
yet even in their darkest hours
can still say, Yes! when Spirit calls.

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