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This poem is from my second book of poetry. I called it Bridge to the Otherworld. The verses in this collection are nearly all about thresholds, points of transition, finding yourself in the thin places where day & night, light & dark, have a way of meeting on equal terms—inviting a choice.

Will you step across the veil into the ephemeral world that beckons your soul to its deepest authenticity? Or will you hold back in the concrete world you believe is real, though it offers little soul satisfaction?

No time of year offers more opportunity for self-reflection than the blessed hours of Winter Solstice. Come, step into the still point and find a deeper mystery in the dance that happens only at the nexus.

The Still Point

Deep in Midwinter’s heart
a stillness waits
to bless the rays of light
that glisten through the darkness,
not so much as to dispel
but as to greet in equal verity.

For consorts are they—Night and Day
separated by the world’s opinion,
though not their own.

Indeed, they dance
nine thousand hours in a year;
and none more grandly than today
when Night puts off her ebony cloak,
relinquishing her moonlit reign
unto her mate, the Day,
who bows to her interior light
as he ascends the throne
that will be his till summer.

For Dark and Light both know their place
and graciously step back
in the fullness of their power
to honor the other
who seamlessly flows in—
a natural exchange.

With silent care Night nurtures Day
until his power warms and grows
and Day loves Night for her sage advice
that earthly ears so seldom hear.

In the still point of Solstice
they know each other’s worth
and do their part
to see the other blessedly fulfilled.

from Bridge to the Otherworld
Copyright (c) Flying Crane Press, All rights reserved.

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