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Love Is Calling You to Reunion

Intensely bright—you can hardly look at the pure white radiance spilling into your room. A figure appears, holding out a welcoming hand, inviting you to step into the Light.

Will you accept the invitation? Will you reach out now and take the hand of Love’s Spirit that calls you beyond a veil of separation that is not real?

Love beckons. Love illumines. Love strengthens. Love initiates you into its deep mysteries. Love changes your world when you least expect it. 

When you allow, Love makes all unlike itself pale and fall way. In Love’s tender care, you are transformed into the highest expression of your True Self—the Beloved. When Love leads the way, you can be united with your soul’s other half, the twin flame you have known since the beginning

Join Cheryl and Stephen Eckl as they share the joy they found in their journey of reunion through transfiguring Love.

May their intimate conversations between worlds—conveyed in stories, poems and sublime meditations—bring you comfort, hope and encouragement to say Yes! when Love calls.

Your introduction is beautiful. A warm, candid invitation to the reader to delve open-heartedly into the journey that you have both embarked on. Its practical and pragmatic supernatural tone resonated with me. As does its honest joint offering.

Dónall Ó Héalaí, Founding Director of Celtic Consciousness

Thank you for the gift of your new book. I have taken some time with its pages and it feels like your own Song of Songs, psalms of love.

Libby Wagner poet, speaker, trusted advisor

ISBN: 978-0-9970376-9-2, 142 pages, illustrations, trade paperback
Available now online or your local bookstore can order via Ingram.

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