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Journeying deep into the kinship of Ireland’s land and sea and sky is a blessing I would wish for anyone who wants to know more of their spirit and how to touch the essence of their soul.

Many poems emerged from my two tours with the Ó Héalaí family as they guided a group of pilgrims around the spectacular Dingle Peninsula on the Wild Atlantic Way. I am posting this poem because the family told me it captures their intention for sharing Celtic Consciousness as they know it and live it as speakers of Gaelic and champions of their native culture.

Coming into Unity

Pilgrims with a mutual purpose
were drawn to Ireland to go deep.

Deep into our own glad souls,
into the very soul of Éire,
into her hospitality
that dances between hosts and guests,
givers and receivers both,
blessing all who appreciate
the necessity of one another.

Artists, musicians and our honored chef
came to us or we to them
and joined our hearts in gratitude
that flows from attention paid—
the simple cost of unity.

We understood the grace of giving,
now twice-blessed in the receiving
of a gift from someone’s soul;
for then we saw the inner light
illuminating fellow travelers
who shone so bright they dazzled us
and brought tears to our opened eyes.

We traveled up in Spirit’s arms
and out for miles upon the Earth,
knit together in Nature’s green,
enhanced by tangible devotion
still present in sacred sites of old.

We bonded fast in mutual care,
in generosity both rare and pure
that never failed to swell our hearts
and lost no pilgrim on the way.

Tears were honored, laughter shared
and more eyes were moist
when we took our leave,
knowing our paths
may not cross again,
though Éire’s spirit call anew.

What matters is our clear insight
of the divine in one another,
of how each spark was mirrored back
through the gaze of true heart friends
and the joy of one fine dog.


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