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Some of my most memorable experiences in Ireland have happened spontaneously in the silence. Such was the case when several fellow travelers and I decided to let the landscape speak to us rather than talk to each other. This little poem percolated out so quickly I could hardly keep up with writing the words before the inspiration evaporated.

(written in a quiet van on the way to Lough Gur)

Cease all outer conversation.
Expand your view with softer eyes
as body slips into a state
of peaceful being.

Surrounded by the green of earth
and the pearly grey of morning skies,
highways once foreign
begin to speak
of growing familiarity.

And friends met only days ago
now fit like well-worn shoes:
sturdy companions
for walking a path
both mundane and divine.

Gaze inward now where heart fires glow
and listen for your soul song,
the sound of Spirit’s
eternal waves of recognition,
lapping at the shore of your reality:
a conversation begun long ago
in light ages of antiquity.

Here is truth, here is love
that will not leave you comfortless.

For in the harmony of knowing
are you known to self and others
as a spark of fire,
a pool of clearest water,
born reflecting divine to divine:
call and response,
in wordless praise and gratitude.

Read more about the book, Sparks of Celtic Mystery.

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