About Your Wise Inner Counselor™
Move forward into the light of your being. See it. Feel it.
Accept it. Use it. And it will only increase.
Your Wise Inner Counselor is the voice of Love within you.
Speaking as your inner wisdom

Also known as your inner teacher or your inner pilot.

Holding no sense of limitation or judgment

Creating huge breakthroughs when you accept its guidance.

Connecting your spirituality & your humanity

In a T’ai Chi dance of inspiration, insight, & compassion.

Always appropriate in its guidance

Conveying a sense of “just knowing” what is right in the moment.

Prompting, warning, illuminating your path

In major life transitions or everyday challenges.

Never flattering the human ego

Instead, championing your unique mission & personal best.

Understanding your hopes, dreams & longings

Opening the way for you to make a difference in this world.

Knowing who you are & what you’re made of

It is the voice of your inner reality that is your greatest gift.

The still small voice of inner wisdom

If you listen carefully, you will no doubt come to acknowledge that you have a resident voice of wisdom that already knows how to skillfully navigate a world dizzied by the accelerating pace of ever-changing events.

Nearly every conceptual system has coined a term for this inner guide. Some focus on an inherent divinity of the still small voice. Others refer to conscience, the inner voice of reason that points out moral dilemmas. Still others prefer intuition, the ability to gain direct knowledge independent of mental reasoning.

I call it the True Self or the Wise Inner Counselor—the inner voice of authenticity that lives in every human heart. This internal advocate for Spirit-directed action is the source of your attunement—a fount of limitless creativity, love, and compassion. When you pay attention to its promptings by showing up for life as directed from within, it can also act as the perfect guardian of your destiny.

And it always speaks for Love.

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The Wise Inner Counselor is the inspiration behind two new books: Reflections on Being Your True Self in Any Situation and Reflections on Doing Your Great Work in Any OccupationSee the Books page for more information. And watch the video announcement here.

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