Finding a Lifeline

We often don’t know what a point of inner guidance is for until much later.
Following the lead of your Wise Inner Counselor when it makes little logical sense may be your most valuable practice—a lesson learned from my husband, Stephen, who followed that lead, no matter what.


Learning to trust inner guidance when it matters most

About the same time that my career as a professional development instructor/facilitator was taking off, my husband, Stephen, was diagnosed with colon cancer. As his terminal illness worsened over the ensuring four-plus years, circumstances made it imperative for each of us to rely more frequently and consciously on the guidance of our Wise Inner Counselor.

While Stephen focused on being profoundly present with whatever was arising for him each day, I found it hard to understand why life was taking me in two such paradoxical directions. On the one hand, I was called out into the world as a trainer, while my greatest desire was go within—to stay home and spend every possible moment with the love of my life who was going to leave me all too soon.

Opening to “knowing”

It was only in the final months of Stephen’s life that I realized the ability to “just know” what my Wise Inner Counselor was trying to convey to me in the classroom was exactly the skill I would need to care for my husband in the days to come.

Students were often amazed when I would answer a question they were preparing to ask. Or when I would notice something troubling them. Or when I would simply say what the class was thinking about a particular topic.

To them it seemed magical. To me, that ability to be surprisingly appropriate in the moment came from the trust I had developed in my Wise Inner Counselor’s promptings. So that when I heard something, I said something—even if it made little sense at the time. The instant positive feedback from students never failed to explain what the inner voice had meant.

SE-CE-MaroonBellsStephen’s absolute reliance on his Wise Inner Counselor was my inspiration to hold tight to my own inner guidance. That lifeline made it possible for me to be fully present with Stephen, to give him the care he needed as he declined, and to be with him every step of the way as he made his exit from this world.

But by following the “knowing” sense of our Wise Inner Counselors, both Stephen and I were able to be at peace and express our deepest love and appreciation for each other, even in the most trying moments of his illness and death.

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