Making the Still, Small Voice Louder

The problem with the still, small voice of your Wise Inner Counselor is that it’s often still and small.
Which makes it all too easy to ignore, override, or even argue with.
Unless we decide to pay more consistent attention to its promptings.


7 ways to increase the volume of your Wise Inner Counselor’s guidance

Try on any or all of these suggestions and see what works best for you.

  • 1. Be Open—For many people, being receptive to the idea of inner guidance is a critical first step. Especially if you’re a “make it happen” kind of person, accepting that you’re not in charge and not in control can be a big shift.
  • 2. Practice Listening—The Wise Inner Counselor is available 24/7 and, in my experience, is necessary all day, every day. Developing listening as a spiritual practice can become a vital key to living on the flow of the present moment.
  • 3. Be Grateful—A friend once told me of a 12th century Tibetan Buddhist teaching that gratitude opens the way to all other blessings. I have seen this played out in my life and in the lives of others who have maintained an attitude of gratitude—even for the tough assignments the Wise Inner Counselor™ delivers from time to time.
  • 4. Be Spacious and Hospitable Toward Life—A childhood teacher often spoke of “entertaining angels unawares.” To her that meant having a welcoming spirit to those she met, regardless of their circumstances. Her innate hospitality created space in her life for others and for her own inner guidance—which she followed with admirable humility and grace.
  • 5. Take Action—To me, working with the Wise Inner Counselor is a bit like exercising a muscle. The more you engage it, the stronger it grows. So the point here is to not only listen to the Wise Inner Counselor, but also to take action (usually immediately) according to its guidance.
  • 6. Allow Yourself to Go Out of Sync—One reason the Wise Inner Counselor often emerges in times of crisis is that loss of any kind throws us out of sync with our normal state of awareness. This plane of consciousness that is neither here nor there is actually the habitation of the inner pilot. It can be a highly creative space that artists know very well. So discovering what activity (or non-activity) puts you in a creative state of mind and heart is conducive to communication with your Wise Inner Counselor.
  • 7. Honor the Contract—The Wise Inner Counselor attends us and abides within us. It is not separate from us unless we choose to walk away. We always have free will, of course, but our beloved inner pilot will always be there, speaking, showing, guiding. The volume of the communication depends on us.
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