Working with Your Wise Inner Counselor
The goal of any spiritual path is reunion with the Divine.

WIC-joy2Ultimately, we aspire to unite with the great I AM. Until that is possible, we are graced with the gift of inner guidance in the form of the Wise Inner Counselor who bridges the gap between our humanity and our highest potential for spirituality.

Seeking a new stage of development

Learning to partner with this voice of inner wisdom is key to a life well lived in a state of connection that, especially when first experienced, can feel profoundly exalted. Our goal as seekers of truth is to so refine our everyday consciousness that we begin to actually reside in what can become a new stage of spiritual and psychological development that we could call “self-knowledge.”

For the Wise Inner Counselor is supremely practical in its concern for our knowing the right way to proceed in all matters—both elevated and mundane. It is the subtleties of the latter that we often ignore, excuse away, or flagrantly deny; but which, if obeyed, can create in us a momentum of spiritual connection whose sole intention is to accelerate our learning and growth on the path of self-realization.

How do we wake up?

Of course, this is the perennial question posed by sages and philosophers since time began. For many, the answer lies in listening for inner guidance and doing my best to follow its directions. When we do, life works much better. When we don’t, consequences are often unpleasant or, at least, inconvenient.

So, we have choice each day, each hour, even each moment of where we place our attention and how we direct our intention. One concept to consider is to be hospitable toward the prompting of our Wise Inner Counselor. When we do, the result is a certain spaciousness toward life itself and what is arising as opportunity or challenge.

For many, the pervading feeling of being spacious and hospitable toward their Wise Inner Counselor is Joy.

Self-Transcenders understand this joy

Spiritual master Sri Chinmoy developed a practical method for achieving transcendent states of awareness in body, mind, and spirit with the goal of these peak experiences becoming a permanent way of being in the world. His practices have been adopted by seekers around the world. See: Unleashing the Joy of Self-Transcendence

The experience of deeply grounded and yet sublimely otherworldly joy is also a top priority for individuals whom psychologist Abraham Maslow termed “transcenders.” In the course of moving beyond self-actualization, their overriding intention in the pursuit of peak experiences becomes more about spreading joy and loving-kindness than it is about their own elevation.

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