Great Work Is Joyful Work
There is a quality shining out from great work that moves us when we see it.

Think about witnessing a fantastic performance by an artist or athlete. A tender exchange between parent and child. Heroic action by a first responder. Or the quiet steadiness of a power plant operator who keeps the lights on for an entire community during times of crisis or strife. Can you feel the joy at the heart of those activities?

Completing the Circle of Producing and Receiving
Great work touches the heart of those who create it as well as those who receive it. Because it is the heart that inspires the joy of a job well done and the desire to benefits others that directs the production. And it is the grateful receptivity of that product by customers, clients, audiences and families that completes the circle of accomplishment.

For great work emanates the true essence of the person or group who created the product or provided the service. And it is this inherent element of authenticity that stirs our recognition that something wonderful has emerged to make the world a little better than it was.

Great Work Is Everywhere
As I travel, I meet people who are masterful and motivated in their work as flight attendants, town-car drivers, hotel clerks, coffee shop baristas, custodians, customs officials, restaurant wait-staff, cashiers and airport Sky Caps.

I am always thrilled to meet these people because they bring an extra spark, balance and heart to their work. They also smile a lot.

These folks understand that work is more than what you do. It is who you are in the process. And in that process, they transform their work from mere activity to elegant artistry—from “just a job” to a labor of love.

As a workshop instructor/facilitator, I also saw these attributes in many students who came from all over the world. Whether they hailed from India, Asia, Latin America, Europe, Canada, the United States or the Middle East, the outstanding ones were more alike than different—regardless of their backgrounds in fields as diverse as agriculture, finance, human resources or the military.

And they all seemed to experience an unusual element of joy in their occupations.

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