Embracing Life’s Final Journey
Death carries the poetry of the unseen—where we find a love of unspeakable tenderness
and a peace that affirms we are not alone.


Why discussing death is vital

Confronting the inescapable fact of death and its many implications can be frightening and confusing. It can revive distressing or even traumatic memories of loss, regret, disappointment, anger—the entire range of human emotions.

But if psychological health and emotional well-being are important to us, then discussing this most difficult of subjects is vital.

After nearly a decade of working with end-of-life issues through formal workshops and informal conversations with people from all walks of life, I am convinced that embracing the reality of life’s final journey is an essential element in living a full, wholehearted life.

What Stephen and I believed

FamilyPhotoMy late husband, Stephen, and I believed that talking about death and the dying process with open minds and hearts allowed us to set the tone for his transition.

And that by doing so, we could continue to reinforce our faith in the continuity of life from this world to the next. We could share our beliefs with friends and family in hope that the power of our story would comfort them and perhaps offer them a different perspective.

We also held strong to our conviction that we could, by the example of our service to one another, demonstrate a way through life to death that would inspire others to accept this final act on the stage of life as not just a terrible end, but as a glorious new beginning.

A book to read before you need it

This clip from a 2011 radio interview explains why reading A Beautiful Death now could help prepare you for the passing of a loved one or your own death—whenever that time should come.

Opening to the process

I believe there is a compassionate inner wisdom that permeates life, death, and grief—and that unfolds in loops and circles, often returning to the same lesson multiple times. In living with Stephen’s illness, his death, and my own loss, I found that I learned more, suffered less, and grew immeasurably as a person when I simply allowed that wisdom to carry me through the process.

And as I have continued to write and teach about this most profound of topics, I have felt my heart open into a way of being that feels more like presence than absence.

The following links will connect you with articles, audios and videos meant to encourage you and those you love to step into what may be for you uncharted territory. This is a journey we all will take at some point in our lives. Being aware of some of its milestones can you along the way.

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