Loving Your Way Through Loss
Grief unfolds in loops and waves, often catching us unawares.
And yet it is possible to heal with Love as our guide.


Love will carry us across the bridge from loss to healing

I have long considered earth as a schoolroom. Life as a grand experiment in the laboratory of being. And my own purpose as an irresistible calling to share what I learn so that others may have a better life.

At heart I am a teacher—which means being a perpetual student. Because we most often teach what we most urgently need to learn. Especially when it comes to life skills.

And in the schoolroom of Life, Love is both curriculum and instructor. For we are moved by Love to seek it. And we are destined by Love to have our hearts broken. Because we must eventually say good-bye to everyone we have ever cherished in this life.

How well did you love?

No one is exempt. The study of Love is a required course. The exams are ongoing and most are pop quizzes. We never quite feel prepared—because often the test is the lesson. The answer is actually a question. And the question is always the same: How well did you love in this situation?

So, the experience of loss is about how Love manifests in grief. How the process unfolds day by day. How grief teaches as it purges. And how it prepares us for the next lessons of Love.

For grief is the bridge from our old life to the new one that must be allowed to emerge. We stand on that connector, looking into the depths of our experience. Seeing reflected back an image of self we don’t quite recognize.

We must let go

We are strangers on the span. Grief can make us alien to ourselves and to others. Which is why we must let go. Of who and what we have loved. Of who and what we thought we were. Of who and what we may become. In order to heal, we must release all of those images back into the stream.

On the bridge of loss, we learn to rest in Love. Because, ultimately, Love will call us across. And in that faith, we learn that grief can be a beautiful process—even as it overwhelms us.

We look again into the emotional waters and see that our image is always letting go. Always present. Always fluid. Always in Love.

The reflections are Life’s ripples. Study them in your own laboratory of being. Then let them go. And cross over the bridge of grief to Love.

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