The LIGHT Process Expresses Compassion
To understand The LIGHT Process is to understand the very nature of compassion
as an ongoing act that you practice toward yourself and others.


True compassion is not repulsed by brokenness.

We often try to fix other people’s pain to gloss over our own untransformed hurts and losses. But being truly compassionate means being willing to be present with that brokenness without trying to fix it.

True compassion extends love and support

and holds a space of safety for healing to emerge from the depths of sorrow and despair. It facilitates the wounded person’s process by holding a vision of wholeness that the one who is suffering probably cannot see—at least not yet.

Compassion understands pain because it has been there.

It also knows the glorious feeling of accomplishment and self-realization that comes from personally overcoming that pain. Compassion would not cheat the sufferer of that victory. So it holds a space of unconditional love and affirms, “You can do this!”

Compassion understands brokenness as an energy veil

that obscures the True Self—the Self that contains the power to heal our wounds by questioning falsities and challenging underlying assumptions that cause stress and confusion when we act as if they were true.

The great teachers of East and West have not come to earth to fix us.

They come to reveal our true image of wholeness. Their teachings are a reflection of that authentic nature—which is why they are often so familiar when we discover them. So any method or model or process that really helps in our time of greatest need—when we are deep in one of life’s transitions—is merely a way of making space in our thinking to accept a brighter image of who we really are.

The LIGHT Process teaches us how rediscover that image of wholeness

It reveals how we can live well through times of change and then on a daily basis after we have weathered the storm.

To live well in this context means to operate from the soul

to be soul directed. And what we discover as we ask ourselves the questions that make up the heart of The LIGHT Process is that “the beautiful middle of nowhere” is actually where the soul abides most powerfully.

Being in the midst of life’s transitions creates for us almost unlimited opportunity to occupy “soul space.”

In that space we learn to live in partnership with the bright spot within us. Learning how to willingly dip into that delicate space can yield untold blessings in our daily lives and in all of life’s transitions.

Wholeness and balance can find you

Even when the waters of change are roughest, you can experience genuine transformation. In fact the rough waters of change often create an opening in consciousness that leads to stronger connection with your Wise Inner Counselor—the voice of wholeness, love and balance already resident within you.

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