Engaging Life’s Transitions
Tomorrow slips in through the cracks. We do not transform ourselves.
We allow a mysterious process to work in and through us.


Living a full life means embracing its transitions

Traversing that “middle of nowhere” place where problems arise and the way grows dim. Where you must prove your mettle. And where you can forge a renewed sense of identity to carry you forward into a fresh set of opportunities for learning and growing.

This is your life. Moving from one day to the next. Full sun to full dark. Making the most of dawn and dusk—those inflection points where you create the thrust for a bold, new purpose.

Or where you reflect upon events that you then carry to your dreams, so they may integrate and become lessons for transcending even your finest efforts.

Each night you die to the day completed. Awakening the next morning refreshed, rejuvenated—reborn in a way—ready to face the next episode in your personal hero’s journey.

Whether it brings you fame, fortune, frustration, or felicity—the day is yours to sacralize in applying your unique talents. Or to profane by your inattention to the gifts that you and others bring to life.

Transitions-pathThe path lies before you. What you make of it depends on how you navigate the transitions.

But you do not travel alone. You are endowed with an inner pilot—your Wise Inner Counselor—who speaks to you in timely urgings, warnings, even flashes of brilliance.

And you have a human companion. Her name is Cheryl Eckl. She has spent her life in full embrace of her own hero’s journey—not only for her personal well-being, but also to help others find their way.

Cheryl is your life transitions leader. Please consider her as your guide upon the path that leads from here to there. Her goal in offering this outpouring from her heart is that you may, likewise, discover:
–  Spaciousness toward what life brings you
–  Hospitality toward the promptings of your Wise Inner Counselor
–  And confidence in your ability to embody the fulness of your innate gifts to life.

Welcome to the journey! May you go to sleep each night in the joy of a day well lived.

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