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Beauty transcends all. It is the fragrance of truth,
the touch of goodness, the pure light of all that is holy.
To make something beautiful is to sacralize it.


Beauty is your soul’s True North.
Beauty rests in the “is-ness” of being.

This is what Wordsworth meant about “seeing into the life of things.”

To recognize the intrinsic beauty of someone

is to let them be, to allow them to develop into who or what they really are.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

when that eye has been purified of negativity
that clouds the lens of perception.

Beauty may reside in the humble eye

that receives, nurtures, protects, and then transmits
clear seeing to others whose sight may be opened
to creation’s innate perfection.

Spirit’s world is supremely beautiful.

Witnessing even a glimpse of its exquisite radiance
brings tears to the eyes and ecstasy to the heart.

Mind cannot contain Beauty’s glory.

And even the most perfect form on earth
reflects but dimly its effulgence in heavenly realms.

Beauty is not form.

It is the divine essence that radiates through a balanced form.

Beauty is a presence with a purpose—

to free humanity from all manner
of darkness, despair, and disillusion.

Beauty emanates from the family

when all its members are held in honor and respect.

Beauty arrests the mind—

stilling it, opening its portals of perception,
quieting its questioning nature,
and filling it with a simple knowing
of sacred things that cannot be touched by the mundane.

Beauty is the joy of young animals at play,

frolicking in the sheer exuberance of being alive.

Oceans and large choirs share a beauty

that flows in waves of sound and power
that lift the human psyche into experiences
of awe and gratitude and peace.

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