Discover Your Glimmering Sense of Purpose with

Soul Poetics is self-transcendent—illuminated by those thrilling moments
when something moves away from its standing as one thing to become another.


Expressing your Soul Poetics is key to living a fulfilling life.
The intention of this work is to…

Ignite the essence of your being.

Become more accepting of your unique gifts.

Attune to your Wise Inner Counselor.

Soul Poetics is both “How” & “What”

Soul Poetics is a verb as well as a noun.

The root word for  “poetry” means “to create.”

Soul Poetics is how you create and re-create your life with your Wise Inner Counselor.

Key questions of Soul Poetics

Who are you at the core of your being?

What motivates you?

What is most thrilling about yourself?

You are not alone on Planet Earth

You have help from unseen realms.

The Invisible World can become tangible.

You’ll feel when you’re working with it.

What living a life of Soul Poetics can feel like

You’re confidence of your inner guidance.

Life takes on a magical quality.

Things work out better.

You have more fun.

Soul Poetics is transcendent when…

Your life is transformed daily.

You collaborate with inner guidance.

Your unique gifts come into manifestation.

Why are we interested in Soul Poetics?
We want to unite our spirituality and our humanity.
We strive to change the world for good.
We expect more from life than most other people.
We’re growth motivated—seekers of self-transcendence.
Soul Poetics is the open door to…

A Glimmering Sense of Purpose

To embark upon the inner journey
is to open a door
frequented by dreamers.

Spirit is eager for your company
and rushes in
to carry you aloft
on this new adventure
whose fulfillment
waits upon your will.

The soul knows
what she’s doing
and gladly packs her bags.

Your ancient calling beckons—
the voyage has begun.

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