7 Ways to Enhance Self-Transcendence #4 & 5

The voice of Love in you always speaks on behalf of your highest good and may surprise you with solutions you never imagined.

woman with outstretched walking on a beautiful mountain trail

4. Keep a Journal
Even if writing isn’t your strong suit, I suggest keeping a journal. Find a time that works for you and just write something. (See The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. She suggests “morning pages.” Mine are more often “evening pages. It doesn’t really matter.)

One reason journaling works as a self-transcendence practice is that putting your thoughts and feelings on paper gets them out of your head and out where you can see them. They become objects that are no longer running your life. You can decide to keep or discard the thought or feeling and move on from there.

You may also discover that another voice (that voice of inner guidance called The Wise Inner CounselorTM) may emerge—even in the midst of your complaints, worries, sorrows, or wrestling with a problem. And with it may come encouragement, comfort, solutions, and creative inspiration.

There are many types of journals: daily, gratitude, visual, dream. You can create a journal on any topic you want and put in it anything you want. The goal is to give voice to what in you needs to be spoken. (See “Journaling Your Way to Wisdom,” Reflection 10 in Reflections on Being Your True Self in Any Situation. )

Try this
: Before you begin to write in your journal, pose a question such as: What do I need to know right now? Then open yourself to what comes.


5. Get out into Nature
My two favorite poet/philosophers (William Wordsworth and John O’Donohue) each found transcendence in Nature. I consider it no accident that they both lived in the “thin place” of the British Isles where mystery inhabits the very soil of the land, the mist in the air, and the sound of the sea.

Of course, there are “thin places” all over the world.Your heart is one of them—when you open it to the profound “is-ness” of Nature herself. Pay deep attention to rivers and streams, rocks and mountains, valleys and glens, tall grasses and tiny lichen. Breath in the scent of harmony abiding in even the tiniest plot of grass, and feel yourself transported into the transcendence of Nature’s wisdom and presence. (Suggested reading: Idylls from the Garden of Spiritual Delights & Healing. It was written from this state of communion with Nature.)

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