A Beautiful Grief – Contents

A Note to the Reader: The Music of What’s Happening
Prelude: It’s All About Integration

1 Rite of Passage
2 A Constant Dance
3 Release as a Way of Life
4 Q & A About Letting Go
5 The Importance of Random Connections
6 Finding Soul Space
7 Paying Attention to Our Rhythms
8 Flowing Like Water
9 Taking Time Out to Connect
10 The Healing Power of Grief
11 Why Our Mortality Astounds Us
12 How Our Mortality Can Inspire Us
13 In Celebration of the Body
14 Considering the Body in Trauma
15 Dealing with Sudden Loss
16 Why Faith Is Not Enough
17 The Power of Story to Heal
18 The Narrative of Love and Soul
19 Honoring the Circle of Grief
20 Time Traveling Through Loss
21 Mother Nature Reminds Me to Live
22 The Gift of Grief
23 The Comfort That Is Already There
24 The Art of Letting Go

Coda: Singing While It is Still Dark
Support for Your Journey


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A Beautiful Grief – The Book
Cheryl reads the opening chapter: “The Music of What’s Happening”
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