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Personal Growth & Transformation

Following the Wisdom of Inner Guidance

Once upon a time I was asked, “Why write?” To which I replied, “Because I must.” I believe I would expire from all the thoughts and feelings whirling around in my being if I could not capture them as words on computer screen or paper where I can observe them.


I write as a way for the unfailing voice of inner guidance to explain to me more than I can comprehend with my human intellect. And I write because it has long been my mission to share what I have learned in hopes of helping others on their own path of self-discovery.


The material in these books originated in journal pages, memoir, blogs, articles, workshops and weekend retreats. Whether implied or explicitly named as the True Self, the through-line of each book is the powerful, loving wisdom of inner guidance. This Wise Inner Counselor creates a transformative path of self-transcendence which I am delighted to share with you.


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