Coming 2023-2024

Reflections on Self-Transcendence: Creating Spirals of Illumination

Long-awaited and much-anticipated, I believe this book promises to be a thought-provoking addition to the Wise Inner Counselor series. Whether through illumination, promptings or warnings, the intention of this voice of inner guidance has always been transformation of the lesser self into the rich existence of the True Self.

Now for the first time in print, I am excited to present my unique perspective on Abraham Maslow’s familiar Hierarchy of Human Needs. It is my hope that the insights I have garnered through several decades focused on the pursuit of self-transcendence will inspire you on your own path of self-discovery.

As together we build on the traditional understanding of self-actualization, let us aim for the stars on a spiral of being that offers limitless personal growth for all of us who desire to merge our spirituality and our humanity in a transcendent life of extraordinary love in action.

Included below are links to articles on self-transcendence that contain a few ideas of what is to come in Reflections on Self-Transcendence: Creating Spirals of illumination.

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