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Twin Flames Romance Novels

Writing Fiction Can Be a Wild Ride

Almost as soon as I began The Weaving, twin flames Sarah and Kevin simply took over the narrative. Startling events from their present and past lives began to unfold in my mind’s eye like scenes in a movie. It soon became evident that finding perfect love does not guarantee keeping the idyll alive. That challenge continues for other couples in the Twin Flames of Éire Trilogy.

As our lovers learn in dramatic and often devastating circumstances, overcoming their karma from ancient Ireland, Egypt and Atlantis is more difficult than they had anticipated. Add in an evil druid and his malicious consort—who, for eons, have threatened Sarah and Kevin and their friends—and they soon discover that defending eternal love is a full-time pursuit in any age.

Writing these novels has been great fun. I hope you will have a grand time reading them.

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