Searching for the Perfect Love of Twin Flames

We dream of love. We sing of love. We thrill to the metaphor of love in ballroom dancing and pairs ice skating. We may not admit it, but in our heart of hearts, even the least romantic among us longs to be half of a divine partnership.


For we are made of love. Not only the eros of our parents who created the body we wear, but also the pure being-ness of Divine Love whose offspring we are and have been since the beginning.


Way back when—before we knew to count time—our souls were created, two in one. Yang and yin. The great T’ai Chi of male and female that divided into two identities.


We took our leave of unity and forged separate paths with the promise that we would always return to each other. But we didn’t return as often as we’d meant to do. In fact, we’ve probably been apart more often than we have recognized the face of our other half looking back at us in the mirror.


Such is the journey of twin flames, two souls who share the same original blueprint and who may have built very different structures from the same foundation. Even when we come together, the going may be tough, as the struggle to discover who we are as a couple challenges us to the core of who we are as individuals.


We dream of the perfect love. And it does exist when we let it flow from the inside. When we allow the force of Love that lives in our heart to transform us into our True Self. When we choose to give all to Love so we may receive all in return.


This is the opportunity offered to each of us. The climb up the mountain of wholeness began long ago. The summit can be attained if we surrender our personal striving to the Divine Love that lives within us as both source and goal. For that is where the ultimate reunion of twin flames is found and where perfect love lasts forever.

a beautiful illustration which can represent twin flames flying