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Why people love Cheryl Lafferty Eckl’s events

Cheryl’s background as a singer-actress and more than two decades as a management trainer and inspirational speaker make her a skilled and entertaining facilitator of interactive workshops, retreats, impromptu gatherings, and intimate salons where discussions range from the humorous to the profoundly spiritual. All workshops can be presented in any of the Event Options below.

Cheryl is currently developing some new projects.

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Event Options
Read what others have to say about Live Events with Cheryl Lafferty Eckl—Q & A’s and Testimonials
Salons & Intimate Gatherings (2-3 hours)

SacredMysteriesIdylls-1aYou and your friends, family, or colleagues will be captivated as Cheryl weaves her storytelling magic in these gatherings designed for no more than 10 people.

Especially appropriate for poetry readings, writing exploration, and dynamic discussions—the salon environment offers inspiration and insight into the beauty of your soul’s mystical nature. Gatherings can be held in your home or other cozy venue.

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Enjoy some of Cheryl’s past poetry readings and salon talks about Soul Poetics on her Watch & Listen page.

Speeches & Keynotes (30-60 minutes)

Keynote speaker

Do you need a great speaker for your convention or other important event? Your audiences will thank you for inviting Cheryl to speak. Her background in theater shines brightly in these presentations.

She delivers her practical wisdom with humor, intelligence, and a profound understanding of the human heart. Her style is spontaneous and interactive—compassionate, joyful, and generous with stories from her personal experience—allowing each audience member to feel included and valued, no matter the venue or subject matter.

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Listen to some recent of Cheryl’s favorite speeches in Event Replays on the Watch & Listen page.

Webinars (60-90 minutes; online only)

age-of-montessoriCheryl creates her own webinars and is pleased to partner with educational and service-oriented groups to create presentations designed to educate and support organizations and causes that benefit the young and the not-so-young.
Please contact Cheryl to discuss a potential collaboration.

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The Age of Montessori webinar may be accessed from Cheryl’s Event Replays on the Watch & Listen page. Includes Q&A session at the conclusion of the webinar.

Half-day Workshops (3 hours, full morning or full afternoon)

Executive assistants

Perfect for busy professionals with limited time during the week or on weekends. Many of Cheryl’s workshops can be condensed to cover key points, while remaining highly interactive and stimulating. The goal is always for you to come away with practical tools and insights to enhance your growth at home and at work.

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Contact Cheryl for a list of topics appropriate for your group or organization.


Interactive workshop activity

Full-day Workshops (9 am – 5 pm; with breaks)

Treat yourself, your friends, family, or colleagues to one of Cheryl’s all-day workshops. You’ll not only learn a lot, you’ll have a lot of fun in the process.

The luxury of conducting up to five sessions in a single day offers attendees multiple opportunities to develop key learning points with more examples, activities, discussions, and informal conversations on breaks and at mealtime. Participants are able to relax into the dynamic experience—and Cheryl always exceeds their expectations.

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To request a workshop even, please send Cheryl a note on her Contact page.

Two-or-three-day Retreats (e.g. Friday evening – Sunday noon)

Breakout discussion groups

Individuals and groups make the most progress in a retreat setting. Away from the distractions of daily life, attendees discover new perspectives, fresh insights, inspiring experiences, and an opportunity to try on new ways of being present with themselves and others.

Especially suited for the deep topics of life—such as loss, grief, dealing with dramatic change, increasing creativity and intuition—these multiple-day events are not to be missed.

Cheryl creates a rich learning environment that engages all of your senses. Individual reflection time is always a priority. Because the goal of these retreats is profound personal transformation—in the way best suited to you.

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To request a workshop event, please send Cheryl a note on her Contact page.

Weekly Trainings (Once a week for 5-6 weeks; live and/or online)

Online courses currently in development.
The perfect solution for busy lifelong learners. Watch and learn on your own schedule and interact with others on custom course Facebook pages any time, anywhere.

Initial topics include: “Doing Great Work in Any Occupation” and “5 Ways to Step into the Light of Your Own True Being.”


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