Q & A’s and Testimonials
about-cheryl-outdoors-500Cheryl Answers Your Questions about her Events
1. What is the theme of your work?

I want to help you find better ways to navigate the challenges that Life sends you—and to discover your own brilliance in the process.

2. What is the #1 take-away for those who have attended your events?

Workshop attendees report being inspired, informed, and motivated to take important (and often challenging) next steps toward their own brighter tomorrows.

3. What can you promise your audiences?

I can promise you that we will laugh together, cry together, play together, and encourage one another on this hero’s journey called Life. And together we will cross the bridge from here to there in profound conversation that touches the soul’s deepest need for authenticity and transcendent experience.

4. Who Are Your Audience Members?

Fans of my work include all generations, genders, occupations, and interests. What they have in common is a desire to make a difference and a strong personal motivation to continue learning and growing. They want more from life and they expect more of themselves to fulfill their life’s purpose.

They engage in causes greater than themselves. They operate from a service orientation. They cast their minds and hearts across a wide spectrum of experience. And above all, they seek profound understanding of themselves through deep communion with their own hearts and even unseen realms.

I call these courageous souls “Seekers of Self-Transcendence”—those who are willing to step upon the bridge to the Unknown in order to find the truth of their own beings.
I am your companion on this journey. I have been across the bridge and back. Come with me and together we will discover the keys that open the way to your ultimate inner resource—your own Wise Inner Counselor.

OliviaWhat Attendees Say They Enjoy Most:

“Cheryl’s warmth and quick grasp of the mindset and emotions of people attending.”

“The playfulness of the exercises.”

“The joy I felt. So different from other workshops I have attended.”

“I enjoyed seeing a few of the participants have those aha! moments after uncovering something about themselves that was previously unknown to them.”

“The naturalness of the process.”

“Cheryl’s use of metaphor and story to bypass the thinking mind and immediately access the intuitive, knowing mind.”

What Attendees Say They Find Most Personally Useful:

“I got confirmation that I’m doing exactly what I need to be doing right now.”

“The feedback I received from one of my partners after sharing an exercise.”

“Discovering my ability to give myself permission to release myself from the self-imposed chains that keep me and my needs and deepest desires in 2nd place or sometimes lower in my own value system.”

What Attendees Are Telling Their Friends:

“Cheryl deftly reveals how each one can discover the path to integrating life’s transitions—being illumined by them, and actually learning to embrace the transformation.”

“Her warm heart and incisive vision help us take the next step into the future with our eyes and hearts open.”

“What I received from the workshop has already helped me in a way that I did not expect. Thank you for the experience!”

“The workshop felt tailor-made for me; the ideal process for how I learn and process information.”

“Brilliant workshop.”

“The process felt so natural, it allowed me to connect quickly to the part of myself that knows the answers and can lead me.”

“Through the short, playful exercises, I gained helpful insights. In addition, the insightful sharing of one present enriched my understanding.”

“I felt completely engaged from start to finish. Wow!”

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