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Illustrated Poetry Reading Series

Readings of opening poems from Cheryl’s first three books of poetry.

“Seer of Soul & Fire”
Poetics of Soul & Fire

This poem was inspired by “The Crystal Ball” painted by John William Waterhouse. The first time I saw the image, I felt as if the artist had captured my poetical self.

“Opening the Way of Love’s Mystery”
Bridge to the Otherworld

I loved stepping into the Otherworld of love’s mystery. Writing Bridge was an exquisite experience of reconnecting with my Celtic roots and meeting soul friends from ages past.

“Tender Comfort from the Garden” Idylls from the Garden of Spiritual Delights & Healing

This little poem sets the stage for a mystical journey through an ethereal garden filled with luminous landscapes and amazing encounters with magical beings. Writing Idylls changed me in profound ways.

The Soul Poetics Series

This video series contains a few highlights of Cheryl sharing the first of her three books of ecstatic poetry called Poetics of Soul & Fire in a public talk. Here you can feel how Cheryl flows with the spirit of Soul Poetics — and how you can do the same.

Part 1 of The Soul Poetics series,
Exploring Poetry & Poetics

Part 2 of The Soul Poetics series,
Your Real Ancient Calling
Part 3 of The Soul Poetics series,
When Inspiration Comes
Part 4 of The Soul Poetics series,
Experience Your Personal Soul Poetics

Part 5 of The Soul Poetics series,
Living a Life of Soul Poetics

Part 6 of The Soul Poetics series,
Igniting Your Own Soul Fire

Other Selected Poetry Readings – Audio Recordings

Cheryl reads additional poems from Poetics of Soul & Fire.


Event Replays – Recordings
Speeches & Keynotes

bozeman-professional-womenWatch: Living on the Razor’s Edge of Change
Delivered September 24, 2014 to Bozeman Business Professional Women. 38 minutes.

Watch: Alleviating Suffering Through the Shared Death Experience Keynote Address: Gallatin Valley Circle of Compassion Conference, Mountains of Courage, February, 2014. 62 minutes.

Watch: Excerpts about The LIGHT Process from the keynote. 36 minutes.