About Cheryl

Cheryl Eckl has worn many hats over the past several years: award-winning author, life coach, professional development trainer, Life Transitions Leader, and subject-matter-expert on death & dying and grief.

These days, she is best known as a mystical poetess. Writing as Cheryl Lafferty Eckl, she has reconnected with her Celtic roots, creating mesmerizing poetry in the ecstatic style of Rumi, Hafiz, and LiPo. As a novelist, she is bringing her work to life as the storyteller-mystic she has always been at heart. (Read more about Cheryl’s latest books.)

A Beautiful Joy™ is the Source and the goal of all her work and service.

She is the creator of The LIGHT Process™ for navigating change, and SoulPoetics™ as her process for developing your authentic gifts and enhancing your mystical nature. Cheryl also coined the term the Wise Inner Counselor™ as the subject of much of her most recent work on partnering with your own inner guidance.

Regardless of the topic or venue, Cheryl’s background as a singer-actress makes her an inspirational workshop leader and speaker who delivers her practical insights with humor, intelligence, and a profound understanding of the human heart.

A long-time student of the mystical paths of East & West, she also holds a master’s certificate in Transpersonal Psychology, and is passionate about helping others connect to their own inner wisdom.

Cheryl lives in Livingston, Montana, where she embraces the surrounding mountains, rivers, lakes, and Big Sky spaces that daily inspire her to write, teach, and pay deep attention to what her soul has to say—to learn and grow, and then share those insights with others.

In her own words…

I agree with psychologist Abraham Maslow that “the highest possibilities of human nature have practically always been underestimated.”

Throughout my career I have done my best to appreciate the potential of others. And my confidence certainly has paid great dividends over the space of several decades—as I have witnessed attendees in my courses and workshops experience those brilliant “a-ha!” moments of inspiration that profoundly transcend and transform life as they have known it.

As I continue to study, write, and teach about life, love, loss, and transcendence, my greatest desire is that some part of my work will resonate with you and support your own path of self-discovery.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. The journey is always more fun with companions along the way.

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