About Your Wise Inner Counselor

A term coined by mystical writer & storyteller Cheryl Lafferty Eckl

Your Wise Inner Counselor

Your Wise Inner Counselor is your deepest, most profound essence—your True Self, your personal inner guide.


Inner Guidance Is as Close as Your Heartbeat

Do you ever wish you had a best friend who would help you navigate life? You do have such a friend—within you.


You may know your Wise Inner Counselor as the still small voice of conscience or intuition. You may have experienced its immeasurable compassion as inspiration for better choices than you otherwise might have made. Or perhaps you have been warned not to take a step that could have been disastrous.


Beyond the illusions of personality, you may recognize this inner presence as an intimate companion whose knowledge of you far exceeds your human mind’s ability to comprehend.


Like an eternal pilot light, your Wise Inner Counselor is a fragment of spirit substance that lives within you. It is a drop of Infinity’s ocean—different in size, yet equal in quality. It has access to your soul, to your Highest Self, and to the blueprint of your unique identity.


Partner with Inner Guidance in Every Situation

Now is the time to awaken the voice of inner wisdom and offer your talents to a world that needs you. You have an important destiny—the great work that only you can bring to life.


Your Wise Inner Counselor is the unfailing partner who is ready and able to help accomplish your highest aspirations.

Walking along the cliffs of the Western shores of Ireland,
I can hear my own Wise Inner Counselor
speak to me in the rhythm of the ocean’s waves.” 
– Cheryl