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Life changes. Events unfold. Opportunities arise. 
And creativeness abounds in these many offerings from Cheryl’s heart to yours.

TOPIC CATEGORIES where you can find interviews and videos to watch, articles to read and audio recordings to listen to:

Being an Award-Winning Author

In these engaging articles and recordings Cheryl explains why, how and what she writes. She also shares practical advice for aspiring writers.


Why I Write

On Being a Romance Novelist

Resources for Writers


How I Became a Romance Novelist (7:15)

Authors Over 50 podcast with Julia Daily (37:00)

The host is fascinated by the depth and breadth of Cheryl’s writing career and how her experience can help others.

Cheryl explains “Why I Write” (12:21) 

Achieving Resilience in Loss & Change

Through her own journey with heartbreaking loss and dramatic change, Cheryl has learned that love is stronger than grief and joy is possible when we follow the wisdom of inner guidance.


What Does It Mean to Be Resilient?


theGAB TALKS podcast interview with Cheryl Lafferty Eckl (33:14) about Reflections on Ineffable Love: from loss through grief to joy Winner of 2022 NYC Big Book Award, #1 in Death & Dying


Cheryl recites the poem that inspired Reflections on Ineffable Love
“When Grief Departs” (3:09) 

Self-Transformation with Your Wise Inner Counselor

Whether you are reading Cheryl’s words or watching an interview, you will soon discover that she has a genius for evoking the essence of the real you and encouraging you to be more of that.



Are You a Self-Transcender (take the survey)
Unleashing the Joy of Self-Transcendence
What Is a Peak Experience?
The Psychology of Transcendence
Maslow’s Revolutionary Insights
“Resacralizing” Perception
How to Be a Self-Transcender
7 Ways to Enhance Your Self-Transcendence


Nautilus Book Awards Author Spotlight interview (20:00) about Silver Award Winner Reflections on Being Your True Self

The program host clearly loves the book and asks great questions.

Exploring the Mystery of Twin Flames & Soul Mates

After being married to her soul’s twin and writing five novels about twin flames and soul mates, Cheryl intimately understands the potential burdens and the bliss of the relationship. Here she reflects on questions that many ask about seeking, finding and keeping the love that transcends time.

Searching for the Perfect Love of Twin Flames
One Soul Mate or Many?
What If I Never Meet My Twin Flame?

The Luminous Life of Twin Flames – coming soon


Searching for the Perfect Love (2:56) 

Finding the Bliss of True Oneness (5:04) 

Can Soul Mates Reconnect After Death? (3:34) 

Can Soul Mates Reconnect After Death? (3:34)

Mystical Poetry for Inspiration & Beauty

Writing in the ecstatic style of Rumi, Hafiz and LiPo, Cheryl’s poetry creates vivid imagery that invites deep introspection within an inner landscape of the soul’s natural light and love.

Enjoy these short videos that Cheryl created of some of her favorite poems.

The Seer of Soul & Fire 

Opening the Way of Love’s Mystery 

Tender Comfort from the Garden 

A Beautiful Joy 

The Poetess Corner – select from a playlist of poetry readings on SoundCloud
The Poetess – read & listen
The Catalyst – read & listen