About You
If you had any idea of who and what you really are, you would not question your existence.
You would run to greet that Self at dawn, rejoicing in each new day of creative opportunity.


Affirmations of True Being

What do you say to yourself when no one else is around?
Repeat aloud or in your heart these powerful affirmations of who you really are
and watch the energy dissolve away from minimizing thoughts and feelings.

I have purposes and values in my life that go deeper than everyday activities.
I have a True Self—an intrinsic element of my being—
that functions as a connection between my human personality and the Divine.
This True Self (my Wise Inner Counselor) transcends the ordinary,
moving me toward deeper inner connection, healing, and wholeness.
I am oriented toward growth
all the way to transcendent levels of consciousness.
I have an inherent desire to be healthy,
to learn, and to bring all parts of my self together.
I possess an innate creative energy,
a natural reservoir of dynamic potential
that includes the capacity for peak experiences.
I yearn to go beyond a conventional sense of identity or personality,
for my consciousness to encompass wider dimensions
of my psyche and the cosmos.
I am endowed with a personal mission,
a reason for being, and gifts that only I can give to life.

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