A Beautiful Joy book cover

A Beautiful Joy

Reunion with the Beloved through Transfiguring Love

After completing my first novel, I decided to collect some of the poetry that had appeared in the book. As I began reviewing these poems, I slipped into a profound meditation with the spirit of my late husband and twin flame, Stephen.

I began to hear and feel him with unexpected clarity. New poems were spilling onto the pages of my journal and some of them were in Stephen’s voice, which is different from mine.

As I entered into communion with my beloved, every poem became like an orb of ineffable love. Many were about the soul’s spiritual yearning and the longing of twin flames for reunion. Others described images of Stephen’s experiences on the Other Side. Quite a few were conversations between our two souls. Several poems were from the Spirit of Love.

Even now as I write this, I am enfolded in the vibration of a sacred inner place which I am honored to share with you. The poem “A Beautiful Joy” conveys the spirit of the book.  Video reading below.

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