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Bridge to the Otherworld

The heart’s way is the bridge to Love’s deepest mystery in this collection of soul conversations where mystics gather, a veil parts, stillness descends and the heart opens to a thin place of profound insight—a threshold not crossed by mind alone.

The verses in this volume sprang from a delightful immersion in a luminous Otherworld where spiritual, mythical and a few historical figures inspired many of the poems that are like short stories.

One of my favorite lines in the books says, “The inner journey is a disappearing act practiced by travelers fond of losing their way.” My soul is such a traveler. Perhaps yours is, too. Losing my way in poetical excursions has become one of my life’s great delights, which I invite you to explore with me.

“Opening the Way of Love’s Mystery” encourages exploration of a realm where past is always prologue and the future is yet to be discovered.  Video reading below.

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