Bridge to the Otherworld


Embrace Love’s deepest mystery—
the heart’s way is the bridge

Wayfarer, it takes courage to cross a bridge. To step into the Unknown. To risk transition’s threshold where past is always prologue and the future’s never clear.

You see the path before you only partially across. So your willingness is vital for staying the course toward a luminous Otherworld that beckons, yet cannot be perceived until you’ve ventured further—letting go the familiar, entering the heart of Love.

Mystical poetess and storyteller Cheryl Lafferty Eckl is a wise and generous guide. And she bids you join her on the bridge—to embrace your own heart’s perfect crossing and voyage to true Home.

Watch & Listen as Cheryl reveals the origins of her poetry books.
Flying Crane Press | ISBN: 978-0-9970376-0-9 | Trade paperback  $14.95 | e-book also available

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What People Are Saying
quote-marks-greyThank you for the gift of your wonderful books. I am a huge fan of poetry, and have very much enjoyed reading yours. I especially enjoy the poems with Celtic references, and the ones about love. I have always found Celtic songs and blessings soothing. Supposedly my mom listed to a lot of Celtic harp while she was pregnant with me—so those poems are very moving to read. —Gwyneth Morss
quote-marks-greyCheryl Lafferty Eckl writes ecstatic poetry from a place of true connectedness to her own Divine source, making it so easy for her readers to reap great insight and transformation from her work. In a world so in need of Wakefulness, I am beyond-grateful that Cheryl is writing poems of Awakening and Light.  —Brandon Thompson, ecstatic poet, see Brandon’s full reviews at

Cheryl reads “Opening the Way of Love’s Mystery,” the initial poem of Bridge to the Otherworld
quote-marks-greyI loved stepping into the Otherworld of love’s mystery. Writing Bridge was an exquisite experience of reconnecting with my Celtic roots and meeting soul friends from ages past. —Cheryl


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