Idylls from the Garden of Spiritual Delights & Healing


Enter the Sanctuary of the Heart

Just over a crystal bridge lies the Garden of your dreams. A place of purest Love and Light—the Home your soul knows very well.

Here in a timeless realm, you are invited to meet spirit guides who understand the deepest of your heart’s desires. To join in fairy festivals, commune with elemental life, and learn the unspoken healing language of the Unknown.

Mystical poetess and storyteller Cheryl Lafferty Eckl welcomes you to slip in to where Mystery dwells. The Garden awaits. Won’t you step in?

Poetry Interview part 2: “Opening the Way of Love’s Mystery” & revealing the inspiration behind Idylls.
Flying Crane Press | ISBN: 978-0-9970376-2-3 | Trade paperback  $14.95 | e-book also available

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What People Are Saying
quote-marks-greyI want you to know how much I am enjoying reading Idylls from the Garden. When I’m reading the poems, I feel something come over me. Your word choice paints such a vivid picture that I feel as if I’m in the picture. I feel that your book was written just for me. —Marie Eckl
quote-marks-greyFrom its first page to its last, this text sings its sweet songs of compassion, Awakening, and love. I cannot possibly recommend this title more highly to anyone on the path, to anyone hoping to connect more deeply to the part of themselves that knows delight and healing. This book is tears of ecstatic joy to me, and so it will be for you. —Brandon Thompson

Cheryl reads “Tender Comfort from the Garden,” opening poem of Idylls from the Garden of Spiritual Delights & Healing
quote-marks-greyThis little poem sets the stage for a mystical journey through an ethereal garden filled with luminous landscapes and amazing encounters with ethereal beings. Writing Idylls changed me in profound ways. —Cheryl


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