Idlylls from the Garden of Spiritual Delight book cover

Idylls from the Garden of Spiritual Delights & Healing

“Slip in where Mystery dwells—to your soul’s secret Home, that quiet place of deep communion where only gentle feet may enter.”

So begins this magical journey across a crystal bridge into an ethereal garden. For several weeks, I was enveloped in a realm of love and light that my soul seemed to recognize.

As I followed the thread of this visionary journey, I met spirit guides and communed with Mother Earth. I joined in fairy festivals, communed with elemental life and learned an unspoken healing language shared by beings of astonishing variety. They all had stories to tell.

Such a poetical excursion came as a complete surprise and concluded with Love’s promise that sparked more poetry and the twin flames novels that soon called to be written.

The opening poem, “Tender Comfort from the Garden,” invites you to venture across the bridge to a garden of your dreams. Video reading below.

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