Poetics of Soul & Fire


When life is an adventure and Spirit the guide, anything can happen—and usually does.

So begins Cheryl Lafferty Eckl’s tour de force of enchanting poems that are both daring and sublime in their courageous expression of life’s inner journey.

Here you will meet a true soul friend who has embraced the fiery paradox of light and shadow in her personal odyssey—and who invites you to do likewise.

Join this modern-day mystic as she leads you through a magical doorway into secret worlds of luminous wisdom that will delight and inspire your own encounters with soul and fire.

Watch & Listen as Cheryl reveals the origins of her poetry books.
Flying Crane Press | ISBN: 978-0-9828107-8-1 |Trade paperback $12.95 | e-book also available

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What People Are Saying
quote-marks-greyI’m so love, love, loving your amazing books of poetry! Sharing Soul & Fire with a special patient who needs, needs, needs to hear the journey to the inner self, so often forgotten and left behind in a crazy busy world. Deep medicine. Thank you. I can feel the healing energy of this poetry. —Christina Sarlo
quote-marks-greyIt was a joy to read Cheryl Lafferty Eckl’s Poetics of Soul & Fire. Eckl’s mystic poetry follows the tradition of Hafiz, Rumi, Li Po, and Blake…but with her own special touch, humanity, and spirituality. Her poems are vibrant and essential. —2016 Benjamin Franklin Awards judge

Cheryl reads “The Seer of Soul & Fire”
opening poem of Poetics of Soul & Fire

quote-marks-greyThis poem was inspired by “The Crystal Ball” painted by John William Waterhouse. The first time I saw the image, I felt as if the artist had captured my poetical self. —Cheryl


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