Sparks of Celtic Mystery

Sparks of Celtic Mystery

soul poems from Éire

Éire beckons you to her emerald isle that may feel more like home than anywhere you’ve ever been. Souls know this place where mystery lives in ancient stones, in Celtic lore and stirring song. And in soul poetry that arises from deep communion with sights and sounds not entirely of this world. For the landscape here has secrets to share with those who listen with body, mind, heart and soul.

If you are homesick for Ireland or simply want to visit this magical place for the first time, these poems can fill the gap until your flight leaves. Written during multiple visits to my soul’s home, these inspirations and recollections became an expression of love and gratitude for the land and people I hold very dear.

Come, pull up a chair and let yourself be gathered in to what I saw and felt and heard when I gratefully answered Éire’s call. The short poem “Along the Faery Trail” captures a whimsical experience. Video reading below.

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