The Mystics and The Mystery: Twin Flames of Éire – Book Three

The path of reunion for twin flames has never been more perilous than for these two souls. Debbie Conroy is a gifted seer who cherishes her ability to see beyond the physical, into other planes of being. Jeremy Madden was … Continue reading →

The Water and The Flame: Twin Flames of Éire Trilogy – Book Two

Two souls, two paths, two memories of heartbreak from ages past.Will love be enough to reunite them?Glenna Morrissey fears that her career as a musical-comedy actress on Broadway has already peaked.Brother Rory O’Donnell, a monk living in an Irish monastery, … Continue reading →

A Beautiful Joy: Reunion with the Beloved through Transfiguring Love

Love Is Calling You to Reunion Intensely bright—you can hardly look at the pure white radiance spilling into your room. A figure appears, holding out a welcoming hand, inviting you to step into the Light. Will you accept the invitation? … Continue reading →

Twin Flames? Soul Mates? What Happens When They Meet?

We long for reunion with our soul’s source—for wholeness, for the perfect love, for the one person in the universe who will completely understand us, support us, and help us create the balance of body, mind, and spirit we know … Continue reading →