A Beautiful Death book cover

A Beautiful Death

Keeping the Promise of Love

First Prize Winner! Writer’s Digest Book Awards Inspirational Category

A memoir that reads like a novel and the book that started my career as an author.

When my husband, Stephen, and I learned that cancer was going to take his life, I had a vision that my task was to survive him and tell our story. That commission initiated a rich communion with endings and new beginnings that continues to this day.

None of us likes to talk about the end of life. Especially if that life is ours or a loved one’s. However, I am grateful to note that our story of deepening love in the midst of pain and loss has brought comfort and inspiration to countless family members, caregivers and those who are exiting this world. It has also helped many people start the conversation that no one wants to have.

I am confident that A Beautiful Death may change how you view life’s inevitable end.

“A truly beautiful account of a truly beautiful death.”
—Ken Wilber, author, Grace and Grit

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